Do you know the OG Sisters?!

Sitting on my couch 3+ years ago, I told Jenn I wanted to open a sandwich shop. I asked her if she thought I was crazy and she straight-faced, instantly said no. When I was doing renovations in Monument Square, there were many nights when Jenn would come by after working at her own job all day long to help me paint for an hour, or scrub something, or help tape, or really anything that needed to be done. I especially appreciated when she would bring food. She'd show up when I was dirty, tired and needing some encouragement. She is the epitome of a badass boss and is a firm believer that the only way to operate is to build up other women. To have her come visit the Bath location and give me the same Jean-o girl power love was amazing. 


Delaney was a huge part of the catalyst, vision, and ultimately the name of Sisters. We have been working together since 2014(?!) when she was in high school. I know I'm not supposed to have favorites, but the secret was out pretty quickly. We were so in sync we often wore matching outfits without any planning, much to our amusement. She was studying at UVM during Monument Square renovations, but made it home one weekend to see the mess and destruction before coming back a few weeks later to put an apron on and work for the Summer. Once again, fate aligned during Bath reno and we were able to spend her Spring Break together. She drove out to once again see the "before", do a paint run to Lowe's, and give me some Sisterly love. Showing her around the space felt like Christmas- I was so giddy with excitement because she really understands what every little square inch of the Deli needs and is the only one that can match my excitement right back.


I'm a very lucky lady to call these women my Sisters. Here's to supporting each other for another 3 years and another hundred after that.  

Peace, love and sandwiches,

Sister Michaela